Renova Zero Review :which has a functional device with excellent portability

From Juul vaping change the industry forever, we have seen many other pod systems, but very little in terms of innovation. Yes, they all have a different design, airflow and battery capacity, but when it comes to advances in technology, is almost nonexistent for this category of vaping device. Vapeciga renova zero This is what makes it so special, in my opinion; which it is full of interesting features I’ve ever seen in the previous pod system, and is also one of the vaporizer fresh pea I used. Let’s look at this:

summary view

Renova zero comes in a cardboard box with a picture of turquoise device reaches the front, and a brief description, a list of the contents of the kit as well as information about the manufacturer, in the back. I personally have not heard of previous Renova, but saw the logo “created by Vaporesso” on the side of the box, which I guess is a branch of Smoore, the parent company of Vaporesso.

Inside the box, which Renova zero pod placed in a plastic holder, and then a small box containing a micro USB cable for charging, reusable plastic bottles, and manual. I am disappointed to see that only the kit includes a zero recharge pod, which obviously is not enough for the average user. I and other commentators have said the vaporizer pod kit should include the least two pods, but some companies that feedback from the program. For some reason, simply refuse to accept the fact that most users are willing to pay a few bucks for extra sheath as it has the second sheath to fall back on, rather than having an order, very important. This is a big scam in my book.

Design and build quality

Renova zero container system has an oval shape elongated, measures 31 mm x 13.5 mm x 80 mm and is mainly zinc alloy. I received the orange version of comment – that looks absolutely beautiful – but the device comes in nine different colors, all of which have a matte finish minimizes fingerprints stain. As for the design, Renova zero reminds me of the sheath Wismec system Motiv 2. In fact, the first time I saw zero, I think it’s the latest generation of this herd of Wismec vaporizer, but it is the similar design as only these two devices have in common.

Since most of the system vaporesso gen kit show new new zero sheath consists of a battery and a removable, rechargeable nacelle. sheath has a magnetic contact at the bottom, you can simply leave the battery in the bay and to the load. This drawing is on, all you have to do is suck funnel sheath after filling and start heating inside the coil. But first, you must allow and that leads to a small button on the battery.

Most of the automatic pod, so have buttons, but zero Renova is a little different. It also automatically sets the vaping devices, but is also equipped with a small pile of round button make things interesting. First, you can click on the small button five times in quick succession to turn the battery on or off. Is allowed to draw on the funnel accidentally activate the battery, just in case you need to check something. But there’s more than that.

One thing that makes Renova is zero almost every other system integrates variable monodosis watts. A the press the same button three times quickly plastic, causes the green LED accumulation for good luck, blue or yellow, each corresponding to a different power level. Green is 12.5W, 10.5W 9W blue and red. Although there is no way to adjust the air flow in this device, a function of steam generation Variable watts and allows you to adjust the temperature of the steam. The difference between the three parameters that are available are not large, but Mu really remarkable. Just press the button once will illuminate in one of three colors (green, blue, red) will let you know the current level in watts, you can be changed if necessary.

Button also acts as a battery level indicator conventional battery. It lights whenever pulling the sheath funnel, and the color lights in correspondence with the remaining battery power. A green light lets you know the battery life by more than 70 percent, which means that blue between 70 percent and 30 percent, while red means it is less than 30 percent. Renova vaping device is configured zero, so you will not notice the difference in power without batteries. However, when the battery is low, you will definitely see a reduction in steam production.

There is more innovation in this key vaporesso swag mod click in bits I’ve seen in all pods I have, but it is actually going. For example, peas Zero a push to fill the innovative system load eliminates the need for rubber stoppers. Basically, a small metal funnel at the bottom of the modules are pressed during filling. It actually requires a certain pressure, so the pressure with a glass pipette is not recommended because it can be violated, so the actual Renova, including reusable bottles good advice. If you own one of these thin end of a unicorn or a bottle of gorilla, you really do need a filling cylinder is included, but it was good to offer anyway.

cargo innovative system has worked very well so far. Although a bone when no visible juice taken to stop leaks out of the car, the fill hole is dry, so I’m willing to bet that we will see in the future.

Finally, the Council Omni Mini Renova zero power the chip also integrates the climate control technology, I have never seen used in the system of the prior sheath. Although it can not adjust the temperature or TCR, as in the vaporizer mod advanced is a useful feature to prevent users from accidentally burning coils within refills the sheath and therefore cause damage. When the chip detects that there is not enough left-I and liquid in the vessel to saturate the wick around the coil ceramic, cutting off the flow of electricity from the battery. This is one of the most interesting features I’ve ever seen in a pod system, and certainly one that I would like to see implemented in other devices as well.

Overall, the ergonomic design pocket friendly and quality of the paint job, with many innovative features, pod vaporizer Renova zero impressed me. In fact, once in front of everything else that I use I can not even compare with the other systems of the sheath.

The battery performance and life

Vapeciga vaporesso pm80 is shorter than Wismec Motiv 2 and slightly thinner than Novo vaporizer Smok sheath, so surprise me that has a much higher capacity battery. Zero has integrated 650mAh battery that is simply amazing for this compact device. How long it will last depends on many factors, the amount Vape with putput watts you use it, but one thing is for sure, it will keep you vaping more than 150mAh Juul.

Will also be happy to know that Renova zero with fast charging technology (charging rate of 1 ampere) that allows fully charge in approximately 45 minutes. If too long, it can also be used during charging, which is a great advantage, given the many sheaths Vape not a step function through.

I use Renova zero for almost a week, and so far I am very satisfied with the way he did. Interesting is what I call a centrist, not loose, not tight, it really is ideal for a custom device. Having drawn too tight deny the potential watt adjustable function, at least in terms of steam production and doing too well lit, it will be disappointing for vapers mouth to the lungs. In this way, it is a good compromise that will satisfy most users.

Sheaths Renova Zero comes with a ceramic coil 1 ohm CCELL integrated actually carrying out the taste of the liquid e. Not as good as the tank three coils mesh as the mesh freemax Pro, but compared to other systems on the gondola, which was very clean. Another advantage of the ceramic spool is not to be longer than the cotton disease. I use it only for a week, but I hope to get the least seven days of it, especially since I use the juice clear, slightly sweet.

One thing to remember with vapeciga gtx mods is that when you use it for maximum output power (12.5W) tends to burn through liquid much faster than usual pod system mail. one feathers impressive steam is obtained, but you pay for them in the e-liquid.

As I said, I have no problem with the flight of this device, the coil has survived and taste better than expected. Very little that would take the active switch is the most sensitive ever seen, if you really aspire funnel pod to activate the battery. But other than that, I do not have a problem report.


I used the sheath dozens in the last one year system, and I liked a little more than others, but apart from the difference in the airflow usual design capacity and battery not much to publish. Renova zero is in a league of its own in this regard. Not only a solid device that is doing very well, but also has some features that are truly innovative, Push new filling system with a control output power and variable temperature. Vaporizer is probably the pod system is the most advanced ever used, and only money.


OMNI Mini Card provides automatic temperature control, so users do not have to worry about finding the perfect power settings to increase the life of its sheath and prevent stroke burned. This feature can be disabled and the user can manually control the battery power saving settings.

There are three different configurations to choose high and low From- (12.5W), medium (10.5W) (9W). Switching between these values ​​is easy, simply press the ON / OFF button three times to change the power settings. Users can say that the appropriate color LED is fixed.

Security Features

Safety is one of the most important part of the zero vape pod get code experience that is often overlooked. Of course, knowing watts or battery life is important, but safety should be a priority. OMNI Mini Card offers users a variety of security features to provide the best possible experience vaporizer. These features include short circuit protection overtime, and protection of low resistance. There is also a no-load protection, overload protection, password protection, and ESD protection circuits. All these features work together to ensure that there is nothing wrong when vaping, giving the user experience and ensure the safest vaporizer vaporizer that stand the test of time.

Ribbing PCTG recharge and leak-proof faucet for filling technology

Renova kit sheath made zero medical grade FDA approved plastic PCTG. The pods are free of BPA, which means that the type of plastic that is safe for use with consumer products. These pods are also recyclable and made to stand the test of time. Can be recharged using the innovative Vaporesso Press to complete the design.

Renova pod image zero Kit

Using a 10 ml bottle refills are provided is sufficient to insert the tip into the filling hole, and the nacelle start charging. It is important to use vapers reusable bottles are provided for the drain is designed to be used with zero Renova pods.

The pods are not using rubber stoppers, so evidence for a flight and perfect vapers not have to worry about spilling e-liquid all day.

coils CCELL

A the same as how vaporesso luxe kit show new known for chips, which are also known ceramic coils 1.0 ohm CCELL them. This coil is ceramic and are designed to withstand heat better than the other materials traditional coil. ceramic heating characteristics is truly sustainable and provide a tasty continued success. CCELL coil technology is excellent for vaping juice high viscosity, which is perfect for use with zero Renova e-liquid nicotine salt and other juice, high nicotine. Wicking make sure pottery, dry, cotton striking axis are a thing of the past.

Easy to use

With a single button on the totality of the product (on / off), Renova Zero kit is very easy to use and perfect for the beginning of Vaper. This device uses automatic temperature control, so that users do not have to worry about juggling power settings if they do not want. It is also based on, which means no annoying shutter button press vaporizer.

Brilliant color LED alerts users to the power settings, and battery level, so it is easy to know when it needs recharging. Charging is done via the micro USB port on the bottom of the device and benefit from fast charge 1A.

It takes only 45 minutes to complete, accessible cargo Vape not have much time to recharge your devices. If the user needs to use the vaporizer during charging, having a passage through technology.

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