The Unique Features of KangVape Nicotine Gum

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Kangvape have been producing high quality, affordable electronic cigarettes for many years. Now they have brought out a device that is extremely small and sleek. This allows you to carry it in your pocket without having to worry about the size and how it looks. I have had the pleasure of using the Kangvape Onee Stick and I am thoroughly impressed.

The kangvape onee max is an upgraded version of their all dayer smoker which has a built in battery. It has a rechargeable battery and comes with two replacement pre-filled bottles. The packaging is pretty standard for a vaporizer and the instructions are very simple to follow. The one complaint I have is that there is no spare nicotine case with the purchase of this product.

The Kangvape Onee Stick is basically the new kid on the block. The design is small which makes it perfect to carry in your pocket. The Onee Max is a rechargeable disposable shaped like a pen which can be used to reach up to five thousand puffs. The unit is extremely easy to use, as it has a pull tab which when pulled pulls the trigger and fills the reservoir with the kangvape nicotine liquid.

On opening the bottle, there is a black lid with a side pull tab which you remove to fill the reservoir with the kangvape e-liquid, which when topped off gives off a nice light white glow. The kangvape onee max disposable Vaporizer has a stainless steel spring loaded connector which has an on/off switch. The entire unit weighs about four ounces which is great for carrying around with you. This kangvape product comes with a charger card and lifetime warranty.

The Kangvape rechargeable e-juice kit includes the kangvape one hundred and twenty three pound box, the rechargeable battery (eight thousand puffs) and three empty jars. The instructions are very easy to follow and the instructions state that the reservoir should be filled with the kangvape e-juice through the included electric straw. Once the kangvape is poured into the reservoir, the lid locks into place and the unit begins to charge.

The three ounce bottles come with sixty two flavors which is a lot of different flavors. There are fruit flavors like melon, mandarin oranges, and grapefruit, and bubble gum and banana ice cream flavors to choose from. The flavors seem to rotate well, so there should be something out there for anyone’s taste preference.

One of the most unique features of the kangvape brand is that they offer an electronic refill feature. Simply put, the user places their empty one e-juice bottle into the rechargeable battery and applies the three quarter inch long electronic patch to their tongue. Once the patch is applied, it will monitor the amount of nicotine present in the liquid inside the bottle and automatically replace it with a fresh dose of kangvape e-juice. This is a great way to be able to get high doses of nicotine without the horrible withdrawal symptoms that other nicotine products can cause.

The final thing to mention about this wonderful electronic nicotine product is that it comes with a mouthpiece. The one e-juice bottle has a mouthpiece built in, but the user can replace it with another mouthpiece if they prefer. It is a great way to use this product because it allows you to continuously apply the concentrated kangvape juice without having to continually pull out a pen or any other kind of object to write it down. Also, this allows you to do multiple doses if needed because the concentrated kangvape juice does not have a shelf life. Simply toss the empty bottle into your cupboard, grab a new one and get ready to apply a dose of kangvape as you need it. Kangvape provides an extraordinary product that works great for everyone who wants to quit smoking, but can’t seem to break the habit.

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