A Look at IJOY Headphones, Over-ears

ijoy is another of those seemingly obscure audio companies. Their website really does not help, since their about page has Latin text, think it or not. The company actually has only six total things listed on there, which include the extremely inexpensive Logo wireless headphones reviewed here, which surprisingly have topped Consumer Reports best rated products list. The company apparently believes so much in its products that it’s willing to spend hundreds of dollars to advertise on sites with very poor content.


I can understand poor content for a product’s website, however if the advertising on that page is so poor and misleading, why would you even bother purchasing their products in the first place? I’m also baffled as to why iJoy brags about not spending a single cent on advertising, yet it’s not hard to see they’re using deceptive tactics to get consumers to buy their IJOY budget headphones. Let me explain; when a consumer is shown the “cusp” and the extremely low cost of their iJoys, they will be shocked. Their being shocked at such low pricing is because that’s not what they are accustomed to.

The reality is, I Joy isn’t a company that your typical consumer would flock to because it’s so much better than their competition. What they want is a decent over-ear headphone that can provide them with excellent sound quality without having to sacrifice a large portion of their budget. If you were looking for a great over-ear headphone, then you might want to check out the $100 iJoy over-ear headphones. They’re pretty good, have all of the features consumers want, but are still affordable.

The reason the iJoy over-ear headphones performed so well was because they have solid construction. This is an excellent sign of a company that cares about their product and put the extra time in to make sure their product performs well. There were a few noticeable complaints about the build of the iJoy, but all of those were easily resolved.

The first complaint about the IJOY over-ear was the fact that the in-line sound system was housed in a plastic shell, rather than a rubber surround. This bothered me because it meant there wasn’t much flexibility to the sound. However, I didn’t feel it rendered any less sound than the budget headphones. The build of the speakers on the other hand, left something to be desired. It lacks some bass line excitement, although I felt it held up well to the likes of a pair of more expensive over-ear headphones.

Another little bit of visible clutter near the earbud area of the IJOY was noticeable when I moved my head and adjusted my ear cup properly. I got a little bit of a whine when I moved my head, which is always present with these speakers, but it didn’t affect how the music was delivered over the speaker. I didn’t find there to be any less sound delivered with the IJOY TH1020 than I got with the Philips and Fostex endurance series, but they did sound a little bit more refined and full sounding.

As far as the audible complaints goes, they fall into a couple of different categories. While I didn’t find any audible complaints with these headphones in any way, I will say the bass line on the lower midrange wasn’t as deep or defined as I would have liked. Perhaps the variance in thickness was a function of poor construction, or maybe it just depends upon your personal preferences. In any event, it wasn’t a huge problem and doesn’t detract from the sound quality overall, but it could have been better. The same can be said for the treble extension on the IJOY TH1020.

On the other hand, the IJOY TH1020s over-ear headphones do have a much larger range of features than the previous two models, including a sub-par music feature. But, it is still one of the better budget headphones out there. The drivers included are fairly decent, but I suppose that could change with some better ones. The IJOY TH1020s don’t quite reach the high level of competent audio performance offered by their more expensive counterparts. But, it’s still a decent headphone that offers pretty good sound and is more than reasonable given the price.