A Look At The VOOPOO Argus Pro Battery Charger

Voopoo Review. Before getting into the nitty gritty of the Drags, let’s take a moment to enjoy the time this beauty took to designing; showing a sleek construction of leather and tough metal alloy, the Voopoo has a very comfortable hold and yet never feels rough or unwieldy in the hand. This is a good thing as it means there is no need to worry about your baby being squeezed or dropped whilst out and about. The build quality and ergonomic design of these strollers are both very good and there is definitely no wobbling while you are pushing it around either which is a bonus when on the go.


The standard sized Voopoo Vaporizer has two sections which can be swapped with one another; the standard size having four separate compartments which can be used individually or you can utilize them all at once. When opening the back of this unit, you can see a very cute looking green and pink puff connected by a chain. To use this unit, you simply place the inhaled air in one section and then attach the chain to the other end, enabling you to have both the inhaled air and chain for extra grip.

One of the most unique features on the voopoo Vape is the ability to charge while you are puffing away, making this product a unique e-caper. In fact, the only way to go on vacation without charging your vapors is to have a pack full of batteries. Not having to rely on the supplied batteries means no fuss or bother with recharging. This feature especially comes in handy for people who live on the move and would prefer not to carry around a charger.

The pods themselves are very easy to use. The VOOPOOiquid comes in a variety of sizes and styles, each depending on your personal preference. You can get ones that are suitable for cigarette breaks or that can be used in the role of an air freshener when you’re out and about. In addition, many people prefer the built quality of VOOPOO pods over those of smaller competitors, as the bigger units tend to be more sturdy.

One thing that’s really popular with VOOPOO users is the flexibility of the tanks. You can either purchase individual bottles of VOOPOO in different colours and types, or you can buy pre-packaged packs that include everything you need. These pre-packed packs are available in two different options. Firstly, you can get ones that come with a standard fire button and an amber LED indicator. Secondly, you can get ones with a push button starter and a safety cap. The LED indicator is essential if you want to keep track of how much vapor is left in your tank, whilst the fire button can be used to activate the starter so it gives you instant access to your batteries when you need to use them.

The LED indicator on the fire button will give you an accurate reading of your current power level, so there’s no guess work involved. And when it comes to the size of your order, you’ll find it a lot easier to order from a UK supplier than an American one. It’s much easier for them to ship things from the United Kingdom since there’s no customs fees to worry about. So if you’re ordering less than a pound worth of e-juice and you live in the UK, your supplier should be able to get you a great deal. You should also notice that most online UK wholesalers offer free delivery to the continental United Kingdom, or you can choose to have your bottles shipped directly to you if you prefer.

As you might expect, VOOPOO has put out a ton of battery chargers since their original launch, so they have plenty of options to choose from to suit any user. If you want to extend the life of your batteries, or increase the wattage output, you can simply swap out the batteries or just buy a new unit with higher wattage output. Using a VOOPOO Argus Pro, you can charge multiple batteries at the same time, which is great for running multiple devices simultaneously.

There are many things to like and don’t like about VOOPOO. I especially didn’t like the fact that the handle was so cheaply made that it made it difficult for me to hold onto while using the product. If you’re used to smaller electronic devices, you may not notice anything wrong with the design, but if you’re used to larger ones, you will. The coil build quality is excellent and the adjustable power and airflow make this a great choice for most consumers.