AEGis Boost – How to Modify Your E-Cigarette

aegis boost

The new vaporizer by VandyVape called the aegis boost. It is one of the newer vaporizers by VandyVape. It comes in two models, the GeekVape AceGorentine and the GeekVape Gauge. The AEGis Boost is a larger unit that weighs a good deal more than the Gauge. Both have a larger rechargeable batteries and an interchangeable juice setter.

The aegis boost has a large tank that holds a large volume of liquid to be vaporized. The larger tank holds a lot of juice for a long time, allowing the user to have a constant flow of flavorful e-juice. It also has a longer wattage than the average vaporizer. The aegis boost has a smart safety feature that shuts off the power if you exceed the maximum wattage. The AEGis turbo mod has a variable wattage that can be changed without turning off the power.

Both models have the aegis boost with a removable refillable reservoir, but the aegis boost model has a larger wick. This wick allows for a larger range of flavor profiles including fruit, mint, and chocolate. The GeekVape aegis boost also has a wick that is larger than the aegis boost and is made of more durable materials.

The vaporizer is very simple to use and features an easy to adjust airflow control. The aegis boost has a battery that has a small footprint and rechargeable batteries. Some vaporizers may require a small amount of change in batteries every time they are used. The battery has a great number of preset cottages and even has a temperature alarm that will turn on when the battery is low.

The aegis boost includes a pod kit, too. The pod kit is a plastic container filled with liquid vegetable oil. It contains all the necessary components for the vaporizer to function. Most vaporizer kits include a reusable stainless steel plate, but the aegis boost comes with a reusable glass or resin-pod kit. The advantages of these two over the reusable plates are a reduced risk of damage due to abrasion and spillage, and the ability to reuse them over.

The aegis boost also features a variable airflow dial. The Aperture activates a ball or grid that is underneath the glass or resin pod. The ball moves up and down the dial to adjust the power as your breathe, providing a consistent stream of vapor without interrupting your flow of air. The variable airflow dial adjusts the wattage and power of the vaporizer based on the air flow level, preventing over-powering and under-powered units.

In addition to the AEGi boost’s great features, it is also affordable. The kit can be purchased for around $100, which is far cheaper than most vaporizers on the market. There is a small one-time investment with a warranty, and the item is ready to use right out of the box. Most sites that sell this product also sell a reusable replacement battery, if you ever decide that you want to go back to the original vaporizer.

One important thing to note about the AEGis Boost is that it does not have a replaceable battery. The only way to change the power and speed of the fan is by unscrewing the two screws that hold the base in place and replacing them with a new pair. If you want to change the actual components instead of just the base, you will need a replacement AEGi Boost kit or a mod. You will also need a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench set, a pair of batteries, and a bottle of silicone glue. This unit is simple to use and can easily be replaced if you get a chance.

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