House use of electronic cigarettes taste it?

Is there a smell in the e-cigarette house? Roommates always smoke e-cigarettes indoors. At first, it was okay, but after a week or so I smelled a smoke in the room. At first, I thought it might be my psychological effect, but then I found that it was not. Since I am particularly sensitive to the smell of smoke, a little bit of smell will be very uncomfortable, so it is basically certain that there is smoke in our room.

The e-cigarette has a taste after smoking, but the specific taste depends on the taste of the cigarette oil you use. For example, if you still use green bean-flavored cigarette bombs, your mouth will have the flavor of green bean stick ice. If you are using fruit-flavored cartridges, there will also be fruit flavor in your mouth. This is inevitable. However, the tar taste will be a little lighter than that of cigarettes, and it will not be as irritating as the residual smell of paper cigarettes.

The person next to the e-cigarette can still smell it.

E-cigarettes are converted into heat energy by electricity, and then the liquid in the smoke is heated to vaporize into smoke and then inhaled.

And this process is much like the steam produced by boiling water.

Then when we stir-fry or stew soup, because of the unique taste of the ingredients and the steam after the water evaporates, you smell it.

The same is true for electronic cigarettes. There is an ingredient in the liquid called fragrance, which has a specific taste, so the vaporized smoke also has a taste. So we can smoke electronic cigarettes to feel different flavors.

But e-cigarettes are different from cigarettes in that they are water vapor in nature, so they quickly evaporate and do not adhere to clothing and other cotton cloths. The smoke from cigarettes and firewood is different, they are very difficult to evaporate. And easy to adhere to objects such as clothing, resulting in long-term storage of odor.

The room you have always smelled, unless the taste of the e-cigarette has not evaporated, if you do not smoke for a few hours, there will generally be no smell.

Is there a smell in the e-cigarette house? Taken together, smoking e-cigarettes has a taste, but the taste is much lighter than cigarettes, and it is not as unpleasant as cigarettes. However, I still hope that you will not smoke e-cigarettes in public, so as not to cause trouble to others.

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