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The timesvape vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is completely different from the smoke of heated cigarettes and cigarettes. Here, in addition to the mechanism of generating VAPE water vapor, the difference between VAPE water vapor and the smoke in cigarettes and heated cigarettes, the conditions of the amount of water vapor, and the type of flavor are also introduced.

Electronic cigarette (VAPE) is an item to enjoy water vapor

In recent years, due to increased health awareness and attention to the surrounding environment, more and more people have begun to consider using electronic cigarettes (VAPE). For such a person, I would like to know whether it will produce the peculiar smell of tobacco. The first thing to remember is that VAPE is an item that heats a liquid and enjoys the taste of the generated water vapor, not a tobacco product. Basically, all products called electronic cigarettes (VAPE) work through the same mechanism, and there is no product that does not emit water vapor.

The mechanism of electronic cigarette (VAPE) producing water vapor

The water vapor of VAPE is generated by the vaporization of the heated liquid, but in order to explain the mechanism, it is necessary to confirm the structure of the VAPE. First of all, VAPE can be roughly divided into two parts: battery and atomizer. The battery is the charger of the VAPE itself, and the atomizer is the unit to vaporize the liquid. The atomizer can be further subdivided and consists of three parts: the dripper for the suction nozzle, the tank for injecting the fragrance ingredient liquid and the coil for heating the liquid.

This is an explanation of the mechanism of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) producing water vapor. First, the liquid as a source of water vapor is injected into a part called an atomizer. However, in the case of POD-type VAPE, the atomizer must be replaced together, so liquid injection is not required. Then, when the power of the VAPE is turned on, the heated coil evaporates the liquid and generates water vapor.

If you look at it this way, you will find that the mechanism for generating water vapor is very simple.

The difference between the vapor of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) and the smoke of cigarettes/heated cigarettes

The nature of vape steam and the smoke of cigarettes and heated cigarettes are completely different. Next, I will explain the specific difference between VAPE water vapor and cigarette smoke.

Difference from cigarette smoke

Although the smoke produced by cigarettes and VAPE looks similar, their properties are quite different. First of all, tobacco leaves are used in cigarettes, which is a kind of tobacco product and can enjoy the smoke produced by heating these tobacco leaves with fire. Tobacco smoke spreads everywhere, with peculiar unpleasant smell and tar attached to human hair, clothes and indoor walls. In addition, some people believe that sidestream smoke from cigarette butts contains tar and nicotine, which may affect health.

On the other hand, VAPE does not use tobacco leaves. Liquid is not smoke but water vapor. And the liquid sold in Japan does not contain nicotine tar. Therefore, there is no smoke that is considered to affect health, and there is no need to worry about the effects of sidestream smoke.

Difference from heated cigarette smoke

The characteristic of heated tobacco smoke is that the smoke generated by heating the tobacco leaves does not spread. Like cigarettes, heated cigarettes are “tobacco products” that use tobacco leaves, but they emit very little smoke and have little impact on the environment. However, the small amount of smoke produced still contains nicotine and tar, so the nature of the smoke itself is the same as that of cigarettes. On the other hand, the water vapor of VAPE is not smoke from tobacco Liquid leaves, so compared with heated cigarettes, there may be more considerations for the environment and human health. In addition, the vapor of VAPE will not make people around you smell the peculiar smell of cigarettes or discolor the room. Since it has zero nicotine content and zero tar content, it is less harmful and can be said to be more environmentally friendly than heated cigarettes.

Does the amount of water vapor in electronic cigarettes (VAPE) vary according to conditions?

The amount of water vapor in VAPE also varies according to conditions. Basically, the amount of water vapor discharged from the VAPE depends on the capacity of the battery. Strictly speaking, the power is determined by calculating the resistance of the bolt and coil of the battery, and the amount of water vapor will change. The higher the resistance value of the coil, the more difficult it is for electricity to flow, and the lower the resistance value, the easier it is for water to flow. Therefore, if you just want to increase the amount of water vapor, you can generate a lot of water vapor by increasing the voltage and reducing the coil resistance. In addition, the more water vapor, the lighter the taste, and the less water, the stronger the taste. Depending on your taste, some people may find that the overall water vapor content is unsatisfactory or, on the contrary, wish to reduce it somewhat. In this case, you can either obtain the VAPE that produces the required amount of water vapor, or modify the voltage and coil resistance to adjust the amount of water vapor to your satisfaction. In addition, many atomizers adjust the amount of water vapor by changing the size of the pores, which are part of the inhalation of external air.

However, if the product is used under unexpected power consumption or other conditions, there is a risk of accidents and malfunctions. In addition, there is compatibility between the battery and the atomizer. In the worst case, it may not work, so be careful when placing it.

Variety of vape flavors

Vape liquid has many flavors, you can change the flavor according to the mood at the time, so you will never get bored. Generally, it can be classified into flavors such as fruit, candy, mint, and tobacco, and you can enjoy all flavors by just injecting them into the atomizer. For example, my blu TM also has various flavors such as strong menthol, tobacco, ice berry, latte, green apple and mango apricot. Because it is a POD type, there is no need for maintenance or liquid injection. When using it, all you have to do is replace the ink cartridge with liquid. First check the amount of water vapor, then try some flavors to find one you like.

Because VAPE is an item to enjoy water vapor, it is recommended to health-conscious people who are considering quitting smoking and people who want to consider their surroundings, such as family and friends. If you find it troublesome to maintain, arrange and inject liquids, why not start with this worry-free POD type VAPE.

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