How to Use Your Voopoo Vaporizer

VooPoo is a leader in the electronic cigarette market, creating a huge niche for itself and its competitors. A quick look at their website will reveal why they are the industry leader. They have a product that is durable, convenient, and comes in several different sizes. They have a product that can be used by anyone, anywhere, and with no need for complicated installation. When you want to quit smoking, it is time to stop smoking with VooPoo. This new electronic cigarette technology has been tested and meets all of the strict guidelines set forth by the American Cancer Society.


The VOOPOOiquid is manufactured by the e-liquid company VooPoo. This company has created the most efficient atomizer available on the market today. The patented GEoys Technology allows for a higher amount of vapor per minute than any other product on the market today. This is why the VOOPOO is the fastest ramp up in vapor technology today.

The VOOPOO drag on a cigarette is designed to mimic the feel of a cigarette. It is a drag on a device that is designed to let you get the same level of vapor as if you were smoking a traditional cigarette. You still get the intense heat that comes from the warming of your lung lining but you also get the cool vapors that your body is so familiar with. The unique and proprietary design of the VOOPOO drag on a cigarette allows you to change the resistance levels and still get the intense vaporizing pleasure that you desire.

The first step in the upgrade process is to use the correct wattage output value. The wattage output is simply the measurements behind the numbers on the scale that indicates the measured voltage output of the batteries. You will need to know the correct voltage that is associated with your battery type and the wattage output of your power source. If you do not, you will not be able to get the most from your VOOPOO drag max. The correct voltage needs to be measured and you will need to replace your batteries in order to use the correct wattage output.

The next step is to choose the appropriate type-c rechargeable battery to power your unit. You can choose between two different types of batteries that the VOOPOO utilizes, the quick-charge battery and the fast charge battery. The quick charge battery runs quickly in order to get your unit charged in a shorter amount of time. The fast charge battery on the other hand uses a dual battery system and is designed to charge quickly. Both of these batteries are necessary for the proper functioning of your VOOPOO.

The final step is to use the correct type of attachment for your VOOPOO. There are four main attachment types available for use with the VOOPOO. These types are cotton wool, rubber, metal, and ceramic. Each of these attachments can be used individually or in conjunction with each other. It is important to use the correct attachment for the correct type of puff.

After selecting the appropriate attachment for your voopoo, you should now place the battery into the specific pod and preheat the pod so that it is ready for inserting into the charging base. Insert the battery into the charging base and press down until the LED light comes on. The light should flash two times. Now the VOOPOO is ready to use.

The last step is to attach the ceramic or cotton wick to the front side of the unit. The wick is held securely by the thin metal bottom and the stainless steel metal outer cover. The wick is connected to the coils using the ohm wire, the same wire that is used to wire the vaporizer. It is important to place the wick in a precise location to ensure proper heating.