More than half of psychiatric patients use vape to quit smoking

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, August 3 news, according to Vapingpost report, a current study aims to determine whether Vape can provide an effective way to help people with poor mental health quit smoking. According IJOY Captain to previous studies, mental illness is related to a higher smoking rate.

The horizontal study titled “Vape use and related factors among smokers with severe mental illness” included 526 adult smokers with a record of diagnosis of mental illness. The collected data shows that most people (70.3%) have tried  IJOY Vape.

Most importantly, among those who have tried Vapes, more than half (54.6%) reported that the reason was to quit smoking, while 13.9% reported that the reason was to reduce smoking. It is interesting but not surprising that one has a GCSE or higher degree, that is, a higher education level and has tried to quit smoking through Vapes in the past six months IJOY Captain 2 Mod.

For this reason, the researchers concluded that further research is needed on the effectiveness of Vapes as a smoking cessation aid for patients with mental illness. In fact, previous research has shown a similar connection, and Australian psychiatrists have long believed that lifting this ban can improve the quality of life of patients IJOY Mystique Tank.

In 2017, the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Australia and New Zealand (RANZCP) also pointed out that people with mental illness are more likely to smoke than healthy members of the public. Therefore, they explained that this group would benefit a lot from access to safer alternatives, which would at least reduce their likelihood of developing preventable diseases related to smoking IJOY Neptune.

The organization said: “Vape provide a safer route of nicotine delivery for those who cannot quit smoking, thereby minimizing the harm caused by smoking and reducing some health differences. Therefore, RANZCP supports prudent practices. Consider the major health benefits of these products.”IJOY Mercury Vape Pod System

Professor Davidcastle, a member of the RANZCP board of directors, once pointed out that the current regulations are for people with mental problems. From the data point of view, 70% of patients with schizophrenia and 61% of patients with bipolar disorder are smokers, compared with 16% of mentally healthy people Eleaf Vape.

He said: “This is not to say that we have banned smoking. Vape are available and legal, but there are restrictions. We will adopt similar restrictions on Vape.” “The literature shows that the use of Vape can greatly reduce the risk of cancer, because it is the aromatic hydrocarbons and other substances in paper and tobacco that actually increase this risk. What we call nicotine is a chemical substance released in the form of vapor , So the situation is completely different.”

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