Review of SMOK Nord: Powerful Performance From a Nord Kit

The vapeciga smok nord is a versatile sheath Smok vaporizer. It has many similarities to Novo, while introducing some of their own advantages. The North using 3 ml and various types of head replaces coils, suitable for direct lungs and mouth to the lungs vaping. It has a capacity of 1100 mAh and up to 15 watts output. North is currently available in 13 different colors, to show a resin pattern or style Cobra design.

Price: $ 23.95 / coils: $ 10.95 per package 5 (in the vaporization element)
Color: Black, bottle prism prisms rainbow gold gold, red, white and black

resin editions: black / white, red / yellow, blue / black, red, green, yellow / violet, blue / brown, rainbow streak resin 7 colors

Dimensions: 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm
Weight: 80 g
E-Liquid Capacity: 3 ml
power output: 10 to 15 W
Battery capacity: 1100 mAh

The contents of the kit
North monodosis system
Mesh coil 0.6 ohms
1.4 ohm coils normal
USB charging cable
user’s Guide
construction quality and design
Smok comment North
Before you buy Smok from the North, I used it for a few weeks Novo. the second panel has the same style and shape of fried load rounded rectangle. North has the outer layer of plastic resistant to it, but with a slightly thicker body. It is very comfortable in the hand and slips easily into a pocket. North weighs about 80 grams, twice the weight of Novo, and the dimensions of 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm.

Of course, it is more potent than fried housing, but only 8 mm, a width of 6 mm and 4 mm thick, more than twice the capacity of the battery sister. Overall construction is solid and looks promising in terms of sustainability. download the USB charging port.

The smok fetch show new an activated button. Remember to turn it off when not in use, or go in your pocket! It happens to everyone I’ve spoken to the least once. I slept with it in my pocket and woke up to a burning coil.

North Smok
Smok comments Norte
3 cloves North maintain email ml juice has a hard plastic shell. Currently, there are four types of coils available for the North. pulmonary 0.6 ohms standard mesh directly coil and the coils 1.4 ohm mouth to the lungs are supplied with the kit, while the coils of 0.8 ohms MTL mesh and ceramic spools MTL 1.0 ohms sold separated.

Unlike Novo Norte coil can be removed and replaced, so that each module is likely to be temporary. Use a rubber stopper that is easy to remove and stay where you can not lose.

Pods are super easy to complete, be sure to do it in a gentle slope to fill. You can really get a rubber stopper to stay in place and hung on the black folding part of the funnel. Fill hole enough to accommodate a large normal dropper bottle.

The pods are not exactly snap into place, but very comfortable fit. channel slightly larger and more robust than the average spray, but it feels very comfortable on the lips.

Consists of a coil of 0.6 ohms uses perfect difficulty VG 70% e-liquid and 1.4 ohm-MTL made either with a 50/50 mixture of the smaller size of the shaft hole. It may be administered or VG 70/30, but the coil DL is more appropriate for this. In my experience, most of the time, you can spend around 10-15 ml less by the head of the North Smok coil when used.

Undoubtedly smok rpm40 click in seems well done with a good clean edge between the panel and the hull of the mod. In addition Norte 2 is solid with zinc alloy frame and stay comfortably in the hand thanks to the design and chamfered filleted. In addition, style and pattern on the panel to add a simple, aesthetically pleasing, but in the north 2. With the shutter button is only sensitive to sound an audible click which is visible on the front panel.

Usually, I muttered to the USB port at the bottom of the vaporizer device. But in the case of 2 Norte was reasonable. Because not only prevents the LCD screen as an investment. But the nature of the design of the device will lead to a further decline.

Continuous examination of the North 2 and the liquid crystal display is fresh and clean with a good size for reading the size of the device. Making it easy to read the current configuration. In addition, the LCD is placed on the side of the unit, allowing non-intrusive element for design.

While many Smok RPM40 takes time to activate the vaporizer unit on it. The Smok Norte 2 is much faster, and not significant in achieving a state of readiness that is great to see.

North pods and RPM

Although it is not easily distinguished Smok completes another pod compatible with north and RPM teeth. Although very safe silicone gasket is characterized by the type of coil. In addition to the dimensions for coil placement was particularly large for RPM variants.

However, despite also formed of hard and liquid PCTG sheath made of a transparent, level of residual control. Based on a sample of dry sheath regularly to reduce the burning coil North Smok 2.

Although the problem of visibility sheaths and fluid remnants firmly in place with just a little beyond when pushed.

Smok said the North
I provide a relatively flexible mesh coil, restricting lung hit. MTL veil seems to be loose a little tight, but more than regular cigarettes once or maybe Juul. I have not had much success throat at all, even with 50 mg salt nic, perhaps because of the configuration of a given air flow. However, I personally would not exceed 35 milligrams of the North, even with 1.0 ohm coils.

I heard other comments like ceramic coils seem to do as well as the MTL coil 1.4 ohm usual, but I have not tried to verify. The device uses a brightness mesh coil, but works well with salt through the MTL smok mag p3 get code.

steam production is always impressive with the MTL coil, you will definitely get the most out of its sheath aerosol cloud level. Coils 0.6 irradiating a cloud mesh is more feasible, but not comparable with sub tank ohm. I think I have two coils are at a point until the fourth or fifth refill. Given the vaporizer was pretty cold because the air flow is abundant and the overall flavor was fantastic.

The only dry naturally hit me was when I got a little carried away and forget to control my level of liquid. liquid detection window is quite small and not very easy to see the amount of e-juice remaining physically removing the case. In my experience so far, I have not had a leakage problem, just a little condensation on the underside of the car, which is quite normal. In general, the coil is constant and very well done.

battery and LED
Smok comment North
North played on and off by clicking the shutter button five times. Once completed, the North shows battery life using three LED lights colors, if you double-click the shooting. Do not forget to use when you finish your vaping device.

Green: 70-100%
Yellow: 30% -70%
Red: below 30%
The Smok of the North has a capacity of 1100 mAh battery. I spent more than one day with a single charge using a second coil. If you strung all day vaping, you may find yourself lucky night – especially if the coils are used networks. He passed capacity, but requires a long wire supplied.

pros and cons
the battery capacity of 1100 mAh
Compact and pocket
comfortable hand feeling
Both MTL and pods DL
convenient charging system
good steam
decent taste
Good restrict circulation pulmonary
3-ml capacity and juice
Airflow too housing MTL
Difficult to control the level of juice
It is a fire in your pocket if not off

Vapeciga smok rpm 40. It is provided exactly what I expect. Of course, you not get the tank underperforming ohms identical to them but was on the money, especially since it was just a compact sheath.

vapers largest lottery MTL will not satisfy strict, but using 35 mg of nicotine salt, which quickly satisfy their nicotine craving. Pulmonary very restrictive if you like success, then you will appreciate this mesh 0.6 fluid and your favorite, or even salt lower energy ohm coils nicotine free base.

If you are new to vaping, this solution is all in a fantastic time. If you vaper more experience who simply want a compact device that occurs at the same level with a full size North freezer the next step for you. I Smok fanboy, but use some of their products to date – and this is certainly one I continue to use. recommends north Smok is for people not looking expensive spray jacket with a sense of solid production and steam. What do you think of the North? Leave a comment below.

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