Teenagers no longer smoke cigarettes and use marijuana Vape

The rate of smoking among young people in the United States has dropped so fast that a national survey on drug use among young people published on the 14th showed that VOOPOO Drag X Vape and cannabis are now more common than smoking.

The New York Times reported by Jan Hoffman on the 14th that this report, funded by the Federal Government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse and administered by the University of Michigan, found that 22.9% of high school students said they had used marijuana in the past 30 days, and 16.6% of them Only 9.7% of people who have used Vape (Vaping) have smoked cigarettes.

   The subjects of this survey included 43,703 8th Hugo Vapor, 10th and 12th grade students in public and private schools nationwide. The study found that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, prescription opioids and stimulants among teenagers has decreased or remained stable compared with last year, and is the lowest level in 20 years. In contrast, the use rate of cannabis has remained basically the same in recent years, with small changes occasionally. However, other studies have shown that the rate of cannabis use among young people has increased in the past decade.

Dr. Wilson Compton, the deputy director of the Institute, said: “All teenagers have improved their drug use and we are very impressed.” Dr. Compton continued: “We don’t know about Vape’s health issues yet. “

  Vape is a kind of atomization device that evaporates substances to facilitate inhalation. It is considered by some experts to be a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes because they do not include carcinogens caused by burning tobacco Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System. But Dr. Compton said: “My concern is that it may represent a new way of exposure to nicotine and marijuana.”

   These devices are usually sold with nicotine, but among the 12th grade students who use Vape, 51.8% said they want to feel some taste. When asked about their use last month, one in 20 12th graders said they used marijuana Vape, and one in ten said it was just nicotine. Vape is easy to use and easy to hide. Some devices are similar to flash drives Timesvape Dreamer. Students plug in laptops for charging, making it difficult for schools to control.

   But educators and public health officials praised the decline in tobacco use. Dr. Compton pointed out that in 1996, 10.4% of eighth graders smoked every day. By 2017 Vaporesso Luxe, this number had dropped to 0.6%. In 1997, the daily smoking rate of 12th grade students reached 24.6%. By 2017, only 4.2% of people smoked every day.

   Dr. Compton believes that the decline in tobacco is due to many factors, including strong public anti-smoking campaigns, higher cigarette prices, and peer pressure. Students in all grades stated that they viewed cigarettes and alcohol as disgusting and serious health risks Dovpo Topside Dual. Experts believe that students have become more conscious of the possibility of drunken images being posted on social media, as this may damage their reputation and eligibility for college.

   But in this report, only 14.1% of 12th graders said that occasional use of marijuana poses a “significant risk”, and in 1991, 40.6% agreed with this view. In 2017 Steam Crave Aromamizer, nearly 24% of students said they had used cannabis in the past year, and this proportion has remained relatively stable in recent years.

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