The best electronic cigarette has a taste How can feature?

The question of which e-cigarette has the best taste is definitely difficult to answer. If you ask the e-cigarette with the best taste, what are its characteristics? While using e-cigarettes to get the thrill of swallowing clouds and mist, the excellent taste performance can bring users more comfortable taste enjoyment. For the old players who have been in contact with e-cigarettes for a long time, the control of the taste of the atomizer can be described as handy. For novice users, it may be difficult to master. The following is an analysis of the factors that affect the taste of the atomizer from four aspects, so that everyone can master the skills of regulating taste faster.

1 Influence of coil structure and winding method on taste

As the heating element of the atomizer, the structure and winding of the coil will determine the heating value and heating area of the heating element. Generally speaking, the taste of a fancy coil will be more intense than that of an ordinary coil. If you only have ordinary heating wire on hand but want to obtain a richer taste, you can use the parallel winding or twisted wire to wind the coil. The densely wound coil has a more concentrated taste than the loosely wound coil, and the loosely wound coil can obtain a very soft mouthfeel and have some more layering.

2 Effect of air intake structure and size of atomizer on taste

The air intake structure of the atomizer is generally divided into four types: bottom, side, middle and composite air intake. Generally speaking, the bottom air intake structure will bring a rich taste. When the air intake opening is large, the mouthfeel will be lighter but a smoother suction experience will be possible. Especially for the port suction atomizer with small hole air intake, slight air intake adjustment will make the suction resistance of the atomizer greatly change, and it will also bring great changes in taste.

3 The effect of nozzle length and caliber on mouthfeel

I believe many players know that there are generally two types of suction nozzles for drip atomizers. The small-diameter nozzles can play a better smoke condensation effect and enhance the richness of the taste. For mouth suction atomizers, the influence of the nozzle on the taste is more obvious. The nozzle with a good gathering effect can bring a great taste improvement effect, such as the classic backgammon atomizer nozzle. If the length of the nozzle is long, it may make the mouth feel lighter, but it will bring good smoke cooling effect.

In fact, it is very simple to master the control method of the taste, as long as the influence of the atomizer structure, the coil structure and the output of the host on the taste is just enough. Although a certain adjustment may not have a very obvious change in taste, but as long as you are patient to adjust the coil or the host, each atomizer or smoke oil can bring satisfactory taste performance.

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