The Best Vaping Kit

When it comes to vaporizers, Smok is definitely not a brand you hear mentioned often. While many current vaperare are familiar with their beloved top of the line vaporizer, they have also been expanding their horizons quite a bit before that offering. From being among the first companies to employ dual coils in their vaporizers, to broadening the horizon for vaporizing devices, and introducing new Bluetooth technology to their vaporizer products, SMOK has always been a leader. Now that they are releasing a line of specialty vaporizers, it seems as though they are blazing new trails yet again. The latest addition to the Smok lineup is the Cloud Vaporizer.


Like many of the products Smok releases, the Cloud Vaporizer is meant to be used with a compatible smart-pen pen. The pen makes filling the tank a cinch because you can just draw whatever you want into the tank, instead of having to mix and match various oils or powders. This means that most people who own Smok’s vaporizers will have to purchase a tank from their retailer, but if you don’t then the Cloud will help cut your cost down significantly. Most Smok tanks can be found at just about any local store and even some of the major retailers online.

So what really sets the Cloud apart from the other Smok products? Well, there are quite a few unique features that make the Cloud stand out. For example, unlike most sub Ohm Tanks and Modules that include ceramic chips to produce vapor, the SMOK Cloud utilizes a metal plate for its atomizer. Also, Smok manufactures their own silicone oil to go with the chips so you no longer have to buy any oils at all.

What do I think about all this? In short, I like it. I think that many vapers prefer the more compact, but highly effective Cloud because it is easy to use with, but that is only one aspect of the Smok products. The Cloud also has some great features like a built in battery, a cool looking stainless steel case, as well as a plethora of user-friendly options. In particular, the Cloud’s unique clip system allows you to easily change your airflow configurations. This is extremely convenient because it allows you to customize your experience to your needs without needing to purchase new devices.

If you’re new to the world of e-juice, then maybe you should take a trip down to your local retailer and try some of the Smoktech kits. I know I have and am very impressed with the overall quality and performance of these kits. These are also excellent choices for beginners to try who are just getting started with the world of electronic cigarettes. If you’re curious about what is included in the kit you should check out the attached website. There is a ton of information including parts lists, product reviews, price comparisons and more.

For most people, their first experience with e-cigs will probably be through the popular Taurine series. The Taurine series features a variety of different rebuildable coil options allowing you to build a great deal of vapor production for your device. If you’re looking for a really nice tasting throat hit then you should consider either upgrading to a higher power coil or changing to a glass tank. It may sound silly to say that but the real flavor of your favorite tobacco blend can be drastically improved by using a glass tank. If you’re still not sure about these amazing kits then I suggest you head over to the smoking section of your favorite local store to check out some awesome looking and full size atomizers.

If you’re new to the world of vaping then you should seriously consider investing in one or two of the amazing Triton vaporizers. These include a wide range of high quality glass and stainless steel coils. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology you can read about it on the official site. You can upgrade your original Triton sub ohm coils to the newest, highest-rated standards. This upgrade will allow your smok to produce incredible vapor quantities and give you great tasting vapor every time you puff.

Last but not least in our discussion of top three pod vapes we will discuss the amazing Smoktech vaporizers line. These vaporizers employ the revolutionary “mini bowl” technology which allows you to use a larger variety of pods in each session without having to repeatedly replace them. Smoktech have been on a tear lately with the introduction of their new line of electronic cigarettes and now have an extremely successful lineup of electronic cigarettes including the wonderful pod vapes. Smoktech has set the standard for all other vaporizers so if you haven’t checked them out yet you should really give them a try!