Vape, enjoyable without hurting the body

At the earliest, food was the only way for ordinary people to get taste. But some people think that the taste is not enough just from food, so they invented perfume, which is a purer and ultimate taste, like the movie “Perfume: A Murderer’s Story”—some tastes can It makes people crazy and even dead.

   But in addition to food and perfume, there is another medium that can deliver a more charming, free, and more choice flavor, that is, VAPE, electronic steam.

   In 1983, an article in “New Society” (New Society) used the term “vaping” for the first time, describing the vapour smoke that had not yet come out at that time. The readers at that time must have thought that the arrival of all this would be far away, even a fantasy, but now, after decades have passed, the future has come IJOY

   This kind of steam smoke heats the smoke oil through the device to release various flavors. People can inhale the released steam into the lungs like a cigarette, and feel the various flavors vividly.


Electronic steam was really recognized by the world in January 2014, when Leonardo? DiCaprio attended the Golden Globe awards party. It’s nothing to fuss about. He should have been there. What’s really surprising is that he has been swallowing clouds and mists all night without any cover, suspected to be open. Provoked California’s 20-year smoking ban, but in fact he smoked vape.

   That was the first time that VAPE became a big show in public. The celebrity effect and the original mass base of VAPE have significantly increased the frequency of the word VAPE. In August 2014, “Vape” was officially included in the Oxford Online Dictionary and became the new word of the year in the Oxford Online Dictionary.

   And Leonardo may have exhaled the most eye-catching and famous breath in the history of vape that night.

   The most fascinating thing about VAPE is that it has many places to play. Some people like to collect high-quality e-cigarette equipment from around the world. Some limited-edition group goods sell for tens of thousands of yuan and are hard to find;Advken OWL Tank colis

  Some people are obsessed with DIY, and they wind up exquisite filigree, show it on INS, and communicate with friends;

Some people are pursuing big smoke. There are almost big smoke competitions at VAPE exhibitions around the world. See who exhales far and thick smoke in one breath. The prize money for champions is as high as 10,000 yuan;

  Some people pursue fancy smoke, whether it is a jellyfish or a machine gun, as long as a circle can attract everyone’s onlookers, the most famous VGOD team in the United States is on tour throughout the year, with countless fans, and therefore has its own steam brand IJOY Vape Pod System;

There are also people who seek to experience the most extreme taste. There are many flavors of vape, such as tobacco, fruit, dessert, tea, wine, drink…There are countless small categories below these big categories. When you walk into any electronic steam shop, there are at least hundreds of flavors of e-liquid to choose from, and some experts can even make their own flavors.


   How many people love it, how many people hate it

For some people, this is not an ordinary sip of steam. It is ever-changing and endless. It can bring the power to start again, and it can become a light to eliminate darkness. It is the heart of many people, the little secret of every sip of steam. No one else can know that life would be so boring without this scent.

   Nowadays, this group of people is expanding at an incredible speed. They call themselves VAPOR, and they play the “future products” described in the “New Society” article that year in a variety of ways and wonderful. Many people describe this steam craze as another steam revolution.

   Regrettably, like every new thing born, as many people love it, as many people hate it, not to mention this new thing will definitely harm the interests of some other people. With the rapid growth of the VAPOR group, the VAPOR found themselves being misunderstood and hostile.

   Many people have not yet, and do not seem to want to learn about VAPOR, so they hurriedly label VAPOR as “rebellious”, “vulgar” or even “harmful” and “dangerous”. Some bad things that happened to VAPOR users have also been enlarged and misinterpreted infinitely.

   But in fact, VAPOR is a beautiful and interesting ethnic group. They are close to nature and insist on their true self; they pursue freshness and take risks; they have a clear-cut stand and firm heart; they insist on freedom and never compromise…

  VAPOR has been working hard to tell everyone what kind of ethnic group VAPOR is, and what epoch-making significance VAPE has.

  VAPE is like a steam revolution, changing the human body

   If the first steam revolution changed the world vigorously, then this steam revolution will quietly change the human body.

As a product, electronic steam has become a toy with unlimited fun and possibilities at a certain stage-a relatively niche toy. Everyone got together to discuss the atomizer, share the taste of steam oil, the novice asked the veteran to make silk, the veteran exchanged gossip, and then became a private circle, talking about everything, but the circle has always been very small.

smok and vape

   Because the entry barrier is relatively high, it is not so easy to get started if no one is playing with it, which invisibly discourages many people who want to know this circle Timesvape vape Pod.

   This problem is solved with the development of science and technology. Beginning in 2016, some very convenient cigarette replacement equipment appeared on the market. First, JUUL in the United States. In early 2017, there were VEER and iCub in China. Now, the popular MT and BO on the market have returned to steam products. The original cigarette replacement function can be easily used without any “old drivers”. It can be opened and used. The user experience is also good, and there are many flavor options.

   This is an excellent thing for the popularization of steam products. More and more people can easily experience the fun of vape and taste the unique taste of vape. I believe that more people will fall in love with vape.

   Compared with appearance, speech, emotion or will, smell is more convincing and more unreasonable Eleaf Vape.

  VAPE is like this, as long as you find your own taste, once the love is in harmony, nothing can be blocked.

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