Vape is the real cigarettes?

Vape is the real cigarettes?

Many people have been controversial. While vape are also called “smoke”, they are a product of steam  IJOY Vape. Various vape are divided into different because of the different principles and smoke materials. The flight co-pilot caused a dangerous incident due to misuse of vape, which has pushed the issue of vape at the top of public opinion. Recently, subway passengers have disputes with discouragers on smoking vape, which again raised the debate as to whether they can smoke vape in public places. After the subway conflict, the Association for Tobacco Control has made it clear that the popular  IJOY Mercury Vape Pod System vape will also release harmful secondhand smoke. Smoking should be banned in public places and plans to promote the integration of vape in the fight against smoking.

Previously, the World Health Organization has clearly stated that vape are harmful to public health. Although IJOY Captain 2 Mod vape are harmless dressed in coats and under the cover of high technology, they have even developed a popular culture of the smoke modeling, but did not change the essence and harmful smoke components . In short, e-cigarettes are as cigarettes, which are also dangerous for people,Come here not to mention the “transition cessation” means that some companies advertise. They need to be strengthened for the control, in particular to avoid that young people and non-smokers to damage.

At the same time, there are still a lot of deviations in the understanding of e-cigarettes, and many companies are also keen to play such signs as “quitting transition” or “safe vape” to promote vape. If poor understanding of vape can not be corrected, then incorporate vape under the Tobacco Control inevitably encounter many physical and intangible constraints. Due to lack of understanding IJOY Neptune, the parties may feel even innocent, and even think that the consumption of vape embodied social responsibility and public morals. Therefore, regarding the nature of vape  IJOY Mystique Tank, either harmful to health and other related knowledge extension work should also be launched as soon as possible.

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