vaporesso coils gen swag target GTX Vape renova pods luxe mod review

I have a vapeciga vaporesso swag the purposes of this review.

Vaporesso Swag 2 colors:

– Silver

– Black

– Red

– blue


– Display: 0.91 “OLED screen

– Compatibility tank: Max 25 mm

– Dimensions: 75 mm x 25 mm x 50 mm

– Resistance: 0.03-5.0O

– charging current: DC5V / 2A

– Output power: 5-80W

– Battery: 1 * 18650 (not included)

– Chipset: Chip AXON

In the frame:


– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card

Vapeciga mod gen is available in 4 different colors. Mod design is the same as the previous version, I really like the design mod and I really like the changes here since the mod is more comfortable and stylish. Mod mainly plastic, and because it is light. Mod is very convenient to use, rubber and feels great in the hand. Swag 2 is powered by a battery 18650, it operates from 5-80w and supports multiple modes of operation. On one side of the mod, you can see “stolen Vaporesso II” and the other side you can see the logo.

On the upper side of the mod, you can see the connection, thread here is about good and I had no problems with my atomizers, gold plated and spring pin. In this unit, you can use atomizers with a diameter of 25 mm, above all, in my opinion. Thus, the upper side of the mod also has a battery cover. In our battery cover it has a nice touch that helps when cap and want uncrew thread here either. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the orientation of the battery inside can be easily recorded and put the battery in the Ministry of Defense, as I said model is powered by a 18650 battery.

On one side of the mod, you can see the USB port. USB ports that can be used to update the software and can be used to recharge your batteries, but as I always recommended to charge your batteries in an external charger.

On the other side of the mod, you can see the plus and minus buttons protruding and both work very well.

On the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen and menu buttons.

Hold down the shutter button and CLICKY, it runs smoothly so far.

The screen of this device is large, the size of the screen is 0.91inch and can say that you can see everything very well on the screen pd both the brightness of the screen and the big screen.

To activate it you must click 5 times the shutter button, you must do the same to turn it off. When the power supply mode is activated will appear on the screen:

– The percentage battery indicator

– coil resistance

– against blow

– W

– process

To enter the menu, you must hold down the menu button or click the menu button 3 times, the menu can be seen:

– Pulse Mode

– Green energy

– TC Intelligent

– DIY Fashion

– Game system

If you choose the DIY way you can see:

– Ww

– Vt

– Vv


– Bp

– Sp

When you choose sets the system, you can see:

– against blow

– Brightness

– Behind the screen

– Intelligent vw

– Auto eco

– default

– Version: when

When the shutter button and the menu button is held, you can view information about the software and firmware. At the click 3 times on the shutter button locks the buttons more and less and need to do the same with the release button, while more and less crashes, you can use the shutter button and the vaporizer.

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Vapeciga vaporesso target pro is small and light. It is primarily quality plastic construction and the Ministry of Defense is on the right. Mod rubber and so it really feels good in the hand and because the design is very convenient to use. They also say that this mod is highly resistant to scratches. the shutter button is very comfortable dislocation and worked well. the menu key and less boots too. This unit Battey cover on top and therefore can use up to 25 mm diameter atomizers it was very good in my opinion. Connections are a little high, which is good because it will not scrape the top of the MOD with atomizers. The screen of this device is great and good brightness of the screen so you can see everything is very nice on the screen. In this device, you can adjust the screen brightness a good choice in my opinion. I also really like the battery indicator on the percentage. Mod 2A will support, but the load may suggest that charge batteries in an external charger. Mod is powered by a battery and runs until 18650 80W, I hope that this mod is compatible with 21700 battery and against my opinion. Mod works very well and I want to use my mtl atomizers here in mod works great. I can use here my favorite way to work, vw, and vice versa, and here is how we work you might find interesting.

So vaporesso 2 is a solid loot in my opinion a small device that is comfortable to use, which is light and everything worked as it should. If you like the design of this mod you can buy safely.


– Model 21700/20700 incompatible with battery

When I came to this team I was surprised how small it was. One of the smallest changes I’ve seen and is styled “peak” with the battery cover to the battery shorter overall than 18,650 without the lid. It takes 22 mm if the spray tank is included 22mm. If the tank NRG using the same coil and on the same tank NRG but smaller. Plus and minus buttons on the side of getting used to and the menu buttons on the button front and back shot. It was like a strange system for you. The menu is so Avenge original and not very intuitive. Overall, I am very 50:50 liked the size, but not like some of the limits and menu system


Before entering the performance I’m a little story. As I do not have much of sprayers 22 mm and used to make the greater test as I have to have a large built more than 200 watts test mods out there, I knew the test would be a struggle. So I try a little heat sink 22 mm and the other no longer sad has taken the US, so I have to buy on eBay. And then he came and it was too short, so I had to buy a second time on ebay. Stack two of them allowed a larger tank. Unfortunately, the heat sink is bad not serious Vape not buy products on eBay) and could not even use them so wasted 15 bucks trying to do this review. So after that I decided I had to install and could not do a complete scan of my tests. I tasted like temperature control for the same reason. I want to get the data, so I run a lot of tests with accumulating 0.15 ohms. In tests limited supply mode made great mod it will never be more than 3 watts. I tried the maximum (80), 60, 40, and 20. The results are 80,58,43 and 21 quite accurately the dam. He also reached 80 watts announced that it has been accurately assessed as well. That’s all I can my test of this mod, so I’m mostly reviewing a kit that more than anything else

NRG tank

I will not go into much detail because I checked the tank and NRG is just a mini version that uses the same coil. It is air-conditioned and has a set of backup GTX One Vape Mod show new bottom to fill with good size hole filling. The tank itself is fine, but the performance of the coil again left me disappointed. The .5CCell does not taste good to me. The best GT2 0.4 55-65 watts provides a good taste at 50 watts, but it burns in a day. Still, it was a small tank of fun “Animal Style Baby” I like the coil so that the tank itself I recommend using another coil in it.

Other usage notes

I do not do the demolition of the mod, he could not even be found everywhere live mod for disassembly. I think they are under the sign, but I can not get them and do not want to work hard and destructive as I surrender to someone after finishing my opinion. The panels are too subtle for sticking piston for them and have no room for leverage tool. Enough of that, the menu system is equal to avenge that means clamping menu to scroll through the modes. When the mode you have to click on the menu three times for other options, such as switching between the lines so power curve or watts. Watts fashion curve is not a good job and is a good feature. But the menu system needs some refining. Not very intuitive and easy to use. battery tray coated for extra protection of a good standard. It is very light and small models and easy to change that is pro tarot.


– Good design

– Light Mod

– comfortable to use

– Build quality is good, the child at the top of the right bank

– You do not scratch the MOD with atomizers

– You can use a maximum of 25 mm diameter atomizers

– good fire button

– You can adjust the screen brightness

– operation Vv

– The percentage battery indicator

– Operating mode

– Maintain zero

– Model works well

The renova zero pods click in short style flat AIO (all in one) Pod kit, which means no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts. It is too similar to Motiv 2 and Innokin EQ Wismec small but not as small as Ceto and very easy to pocket and transport. No air is defined in the device to be cold, but not a big problem because most have no air force to adjust. MTL is loose vaporizer. He has a good capacity of 2 ml and fair use highly enough juice. Registered in 650mAh battery if properly sized batteries and sheath system. USB has an integrated load and load limit amperage 1A recorded. I tried good to be true if the fast charge. Vaping also has a gateway. Drop by drop point belongs and part of a nacelle and a duckbill way is nice, but symmetrical so you can continue anyway and sprinkle on it and it works well and is comfortable to use. Zero excellent construction and feels solid without toys and magnet beautiful rainbow coloring highly reflective and fingerprint while green is the clear coat evenly.

Pod as troublesome to fill. It comes with a vacuum capsule and coils integrated into the nacelle as Wismec Motiv 2 or rincoe Ceto. The pods are magnetic and good strength. They are easy to remove and perfect, but you can squirm. It’s not much, but it’s worth mentioning. To fill with the filling of a spring so you have to keep the car while pushing down with a bottle and pressed. I saw such method to fill several atomizers as revvo longs and Galaxy vapefly MTL RDTA and works well for them, but the car was a bit difficult because the sheath is small and soft, the fingers should cover some more eare the level of juice is keep instead. I hope they use different methods to carry out personally. Not a fan of this system in the sheath. colored pods are really too dark and although the brand seems difficult to see the level of juice. should not do this pod so dark.

The usage is quite simple. There is a button, but not the shutter button. Do not switch the device on or off 5 Click however. There was a burst of fire monodosis system. Do button cool is that you can change the output power. There is a fairly bright LED integrated into the shutter button. Spryte but not too light bright enough to see easily. If you click the button three times scroll modes. Height: 12.5 watts average green LED is 10.5 watts and a blue LED, and bass is 9 Watts and red LED. You can also hold down the button to check how it is. Having adjusted watts is a great idea very small single-dose system was so well there. LED also acts as a device for measuring the battery. Vaping when it is lit and green LED means that 70% or more, medium blue and red means 30-70% less than 30%. Very well done out there. A small bottle filling in the package as well.

performance and details of the coil

The luxe s mod get code comes with 1 tooth disappointing. I hope also include reserves sheath. There is only one type of pod for these uses 1 ohm CCELL coil (ceramic). Fortunately, they also sent separate pieces. I use four teeth in total. The four pods give me a good use 15-20 ml of working in the gondola of life and have seen their rates as low as $ 6 for 2 package so that it is less expensive than most of which approximately $ 5 per pod . Flavorwise taste for single-dose system as well, and the height of the best. You can get minor flooding if filled pods too fast, but beyond that, no problems or flooding, and when I drown fill too quickly, was very fast. He was leakage or bolt back. Overall, a good life and a good sense for the pod system. No complaints from me there. I use it all the juice salt nic VG 50-55% 20-35 mg of nicotine.

You can buy here: vaporesso coils

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