vaporesso kit gen swag vape target pm80 GTX zero pods luxe mod review

I make this opinion, first because I became more confident in their development, and especially because I loved my two teeth vapeciga vaporesso gen and I hope to share relevant information and my personal opinion on this unit with our community vaping.

First a little information from the Vaporesso site. The attached image.

Here is the link if you want to know more

Xtra “Vaporesso

In the frame

1 x Vaporesso XTRA Devices Pod

1 x 0.8ohm Vaporesso mesh Unipod

1 x 1.2ohm Vaporesso Unipod

Micro USB cable

user’s Guide

Warning Card

Warranty card


I have two get code swag kit vape, which won a contest ECF here and buy one for use in the workplace. The colors I have is a silver gray resin and resin.

This device is suitable draw. With each light pattern LED lights, the color indicates the level of battery power can be checked by pressing the on / off switch:

Green – 71% to 100%

Blue – 31% to 70%

Red – 0% to 30% – Charging time

The micro USB port on the front of the device and they have no problem with anything. Using the micro USB cable, simply connect the micro USB port that allows the device to be used upright. LED flashing green light when charging, and once completed the green LED remains green without blinking. The cost of the battery is completely discharged for about an hour full time.

The beauty of this device is that it has and the stop button at the bottom of the unit, five-click, click Disable-five. It also has a breakdown of the internal battery. At the top, you have a sheath and holes for the use of cables.


This device is a small, ergonomic, fits well in hand and very quietly.

The pods may contain 2 ml of juice and a rubber stopper on hand to fill a large enough holes to allow air out. light-colored sheath, easy to see and follow the level of juice in the day, a little less easy when it’s dark.

The two sheaths that come with the kit 1.2ohm (more gray rubber) and coil 0.8ohm Mesh (red rubber socket). This method is easy to distinguish between the two.

Pod is connected to the device by two powerful magnets, which could take the device simply keeping the funnel. Once inside the car does not move at all.

side rubber plug is easy to open and maintain during the filling operation, the liquid is easily moved in a gondola. Used 10 ml and 100 ml bottles, there is no problem with a good recharge. Something to note is that sometimes a person can get some juice construction of the bottom. Easy to clean with a tissue.

Show new vaporesso target pm80 fasting time shooting and activation of the draw works perfectly. I should mention this device does not control the airflow.

I started with 1.2ohm sheath (gray), for me is the loose MTL, but I’m happy to do both very limited area MTL or DL ​​which is what I like, and very tasteful.

With 0.8ohm (red) in my opinion, is spacious for a MTL, this DL pod is limited, very tasty, and for this reason one of my favorite pod.

The XTRA has taken a permanent place to take my daily around the unit because secretly, I get a good taste and is a strong and just beautiful device. I have a home and one at work.


a solid device. Very good construction and good finish.

Very nice little touch.

The flavor was good.

smooth activation interesting.

Embudo has a practical way.

a powerful magnet.

enough battery power to last about a day to go.

Shutdown on /.


Sometimes I find it hard to see the juice during filling to reduce light.

The pods are sometimes the fluid in the bottom of the unit (easy to clean)


transparent sheath below the funnel.

Battery exchange capacity rather than the whole car.

Comes with:

1 x battery VAPORESSO XTRA

1 x molten monopod (2 ml, 0.8Ω, preinstalled)

1 x Unipod (2 ml, 1.2Ω, in box)

1 x USB cable

1 x Manual

Warranty Card 1 x

1 x map Reminder

Hurrah! Pod kit comes with two pods, which is always a good starting point.

The Vapeciga Vaporesso GTX  has a very specific shape, having a cross section for running well made cylindrical because it allows a more comfortable grip between the fingers. Something not often seen two different colors that I received had a different feel to it sustaining a flat surface just red, while black has a certain texture, must have more. So I prefer the dark.

This is a beautiful looking pod is small enough to get deep enough into his pocket. and light weight of 63 g without the container, the container 70 grams.

The metal is nice but a bit prone to fingerprints. I know that there are no scratches, not until now. For those who like to use them in a basket chain was made possible by the slot line, a good addition.

The pods are related to the magnetic connection, not too strong and not weak.

A button that has and is only used to enable or disable the device and check the battery level of all. His beautiful put it on the bottom. It is also good that the device can be modified to prevent accidental firing. Activation of the draw works well and is very sensitive.

The positives are the LED light, bright, indicates the battery level. Green, blue and red. The weakness of light is that it is difficult to see vaping, had to tilt his head to see, but at the click of a button while the continuous light indicates the battery level.

Both modules have the same shape, only difference is in the coils. Even the air flow is very similar or identical, which I think is unfortunate, especially 1.2ohm MTL sheath.

Vapeciga zero pods I made the mistake of filling the hole is at the center of the car, they should put down. It fills well, but when you’re on a 3/4 full, it will be difficult because you can not tilt in all directions to make it easier. rubber stopper for access to the charging port is easy to open and fixed in place properly.

Embudo two teeth are equal and comfortable.

Disappointing is that you can not see the liquid level, while the nacelle is always an added risk to burn the coil by not knowing the liquid level. It would be nice to have one side of the opening of the car so you can see the level of liquid in the capsule included. As it was the less the container is transparent.

With the DTL (restricted) 0.8ohm my pod and a good start RDL suddenly solid. This flavor can not top notch, but nothing, good for a pod. I lost, but a little extra effort. airflow is fine, could have been a bit more like 10-15%.

MTL sheath 1.2ohm vaporizer offers pleasant, one side of the air flow prudent at the least it’s not my kind of airflow. It is similar to a cigarette. good taste pod and I like the more general MTL, a little spray to use. He started bubbling sheath sometimes a little when half.

The two teeth and maintain not dry even when the chain hitting vaping. After using 70vg 60vg and juice. Both pods have known about 5 days and burn experience and drop shots / sec vaping the taste is not worth mentioning.

Clearly the pods MTL 1.2ohm battery lasted longer, and made it through a full day vaping simply using this device. Pod mesh made by DTL almost all day. Overall not bad. take charge somewhere around 50-55 minutes.


A nice small kit sheath selecting coil. The design is well thought out and maintains a comfortable finger.

Supply device change is an indicator of battery backup feature and life is always useful. The battery keeps well and costs fast enough to have only one such device.

As usual Vaporesso packaging is a simple but catchy, with the dye colors rather as XTRA closed. Moreover, besides the logo at the top, the front of the box is covered with the largest box capsule exhaust kit Vaporesso XTRA. Also on the side it is a major icon XTRA kit features of some other logos and details Vaporesso. While the bottom of the list of specifications, the contents of the box, Auditor of authenticity, and the usual warnings and logo compliance with the government.

Removing the lid, meshing with Vaporesso XTRA 0.8Ω Pod it installed perfectly located in a plastic insert. Also, remove inlay tray and a piece of cardboard to reveal the remaining contents. 1.2Ω replace Unipod, braided USB cable, user manual and warranty card. In addition, it is a reminder card detailing the differences between the two pods are included for easy recognition. It is good to see.

manufacturing quality

vaporesso luxe mod click in was probably united circulation system. Also built housing can XTRA zinc alloy is for most all metals. While the base is plastic and houses the on / off button, Vaporesso XTRA is very sturdy in the hand.

And thanks to ergonomic curves and lines are perfect to put your thumb on the threaded cavity, they make XTRA is very convenient to use in vaping. In addition, it was nice to see a side-mounted USB port with the energy level of the LED placed on top.

Furthermore Vaporesso XTRA partially covered with adhesive tape on possibility nylon wire, similar to those found in the Objective Vaporesso PM80.

As for his own well-like pods. In addition, also printed with borders, and crisp, clean detail. On the other hand pods they are easily distinguished by good light-colored sculpture and grouting hole to load use. Red 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω described waterproof Unipod monopod gray.

However, a good idea is the tip of a drip drop integrated, and the capacity of 2 ml, allowing it to fill with the form of e-liquid. While this may not seem like much, it is nonetheless allows users to check the level of e-liquid by simply turning to the reverse Vaporesso XTRA. In addition, it is very simple and very practical. Especially after treating a pod system where you have to remove the entire pod, just to see if you have enough e-liquid left.

In conclusion, I would recommend Vaporesso XTRA for each module and novice users Vaper, ideal for carrying around them small puff device for stealth. I love mine and quite tasteful. In general an excellent sheath system.

You can buy here: vaporesso kit

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