Vaporizer Comparison – MFi Plus Vs iPhone Vaporizer

VooPoo is an all-day electronic cigarette brand known for its dedication to both high-quality flexible and durable products. The GENE Chip, an original innovation in the vapourizing world, packs a great deal of versatility and power into one convenient little package. All you need to get started with VooPoo vaporizers is to add your e liquid of choice to the pre-filled compartments, and you’re ready to start puffin’ away!


VooPoo Vaporizers comes in two flavours – the Shocker and the Ravishing. The Shocker fires up with a loud blast of warm air similar to that produced from a fireplace. This provides a wonderful, ambient, aromatherapy smell that is supposed to help relieve stress. The Ravishing on the other hand is designed to mimic the taste of hard candy. If you enjoy creamy flavours in your coffee or tea then the Ravishing is definitely for you; it’s also great for people who love the subtlety of hard candy but don’t want it to go flat like most of it can.

Like many brands of vaporizers the VooPoo iPhone and the MFi iPhone Pod Vaporizer allow you to adjust the power and speed of your VooPoo unit via your headphone or external pad. The VooPoo iPhone comes with an additional battery that can be used on planes and over long car rides. You can adjust the power and airflow of your unit with the touch of a button. The MFi iPhone comes with a built in sensor that will automatically shut down the power if your airflow is less than optimal.

The MFi iPhone has an extra wide battery that allows you to use it longer between recharging. It also has a much longer charge time that is far more powerful than any other vaporizer on the market today. The product contains nicotine, which is highly addictive, so you should never use it with any other kind of nicotine products. The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids.

Like many vapers the MFi iPhone utilizes a unique design called the voopoo p np coil. The p and coils are placed on the inside of the glass or acrylic case of the unit. These coils not only give the unit a cool and uniform look, but they also produce fewer toxins. This makes the unit much more environmentally friendly and safer for your health.

Another difference between the two units is the wattage range they can reach. The MFi iPhone has a maximum wattage of 18w and the MFi Plus has a maximum wattage of 22w. The reason for this increase in wattage is because the Plus model adds a larger 0.15-ohm coil. The wattage range on the MFi Plus is still limited to the rated voltage of the battery. So, it can be used safely by people with power-hungry teenagers. However, if you are only using the unit occasionally for your personal vaporizing needs the MFi Plus might be a better option.

In addition, the MFi Plus has a higher build quality than the iPhone and has been designed with a double-sided tape for extra durability and reliability. The unit has dual-layer insulated interior heat pads for extra convenience and built-in fans for increased airflow. While the iPhone has a single ventilation system located in its base, the Plus has a double system that operates via two separate pods. So, even if you’re building the ultimate e-juice rig you don’t have to deal with constant adjustments of the airflow control.

While the Voopoo Vaporizer Plus may seem like it is more than what you paid for, the truth is it is definitely worth the price. It’s larger wattage output gives you all the adoring you could ever want with its simplicity and user-friendly controls. While it may take some time to become accustomed to its airflow patterns, it is definitely worth the effort. The Plus version also has drag adjustable airflow ports, which allows you to change your drag setting from linear to circular for even greater control.